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YouTube Fuckhead of the Week

by Doom

Week 6: Yes, Virginia, there are Nazis on YouTube

Last time I did one of these - two weeks ago - I wrote about a conspiracy junkie who subscribed to the Ron Paul nutty newsletter of neanderthal-think numbskullery. When I went searching for the next target of ire, I spent a bit wondering which deserving group to spotlight next. Conspiracy junkies again? Nah. But I didn't want to stray too far from those far-right crazies, as they are the only group which thinks YouTube video spamming constitutes proper activism (well, them and those Anonymous fucks, but I don't even care enough about them to cover their inanery). So I looked to the uglier cousin of the conspiracy nuts. Yep, the far-right Nazis. It didn't take me long. All I needed to do was find an Alex Jones fan and then search through his friends list for a suitably WN (White Nationalist) idiot. Behold, sonofdracul.


This guy probably doesn't understand the irony of Hanzel und Gretyl.

Sonofdracul immediately breaks from the common conception of your typical Neo-Nazi racist by being from Canada and by showing no outward hostility towards the Jews. While it's true that some Nazis live in Canada, they're certainly a far cry from the trailer trash Kentuckian fare the media paints as the modern racist. But I find the second point far more important than the first. Racists of all stripes usually agree Jews are part of the problem and not part of any positive future. Sonofdracul, to my knowledge, doesn't ever comment on his feelings towards Jews, as none of his 19 videos explicitly discuss the Jewish problem. Instead, he focuses his racist anger on blacks, which I find confusing. He's from Canada. Of all the times I've gone to Canada, I don't remember seeing more than a handful of black people in Toronto. I saw more in Montreal, but still not a lot. Certainly far less than the average population in the US. Blacks make up 10-11% of the population in America, whereas Canada has less than 5%. Frankly, were I a Canadian racist, I'd be more concerned with Asians, who emigrate to Canada in much larger numbers. Come on, shitty name guy. Why not post videos exclaiming the dangers of THE YELLOW PERIL?!

I actually find Canadian racists more entertaining than the garden variety redneck racist. There's an implicit pathetic nature to them which amuses me greatly. At least America or Europe had rich histories of racism and subjugation based on skin color. Canada really...doesn't. Shit, Australia's got a better record for hating minorities than our neighbors to the north. So the chances of Canadian racism taking root and flourishing to the point of affecting governmental policy as opposed to just existing as fevered dreams in moms' basements across the many provinces is very, very minute. Plus, you feel a sense of inadmirable cowardice in their residence; surely a White Nationalist wanting to change the world would want to live in the belly of the multiculturalist beast, like America or immigration-drenched Europe, rather than hiding out in the backwoods of Canada. I'd go so far as to say Canadian racists are the best examples of White Nationalism today: they're wimps, cowards, whiners and they don't get shit done other than listening to heavy metal and cowering in fear of a black person possibly moving into town.

Sonofdracul in an appearance alongside Michael Chiklis.

His videos consist of anti-black material, David Duke speeches and Hitler/Third Reich videos with the wistful sheen of a Ken Burns documentary. I of course didn't watch any of these videos, but I did read the titles, and goddamn are the titles fucking hilarious. My favorite has to be the Duke one, titled "David Duke on National Epidemic of Black on White Rape". Really, you don't see that kind of rhetoric anymore. You saw people frankly discussing black men rapaciously raping ARE WIVES AND DAUGHTERS, like, 50-100 years ago. Man. Another reason the WN fuckers are failing: they're stuck on the past's talking points. Get some new planks to justify your racism, guys! You can see one of those on the profile for sonofdracul, where he points out according to statistics a black guy's 7 times more likely to kill a white guy. Nazis reason this bolsters their claim that blacks are violent, subhuman monsters. However, notice the only people who ever cite this stat are, in fact, racists. And these statistics fail to factor in whites being far more likely to start wars that pointlessly kill millions and far more likely to commit corporate crimes that ruin hundreds and thousands of lives. Etc. Basically what the stat boils down to is a flimsy justification for fearful, discriminatory whites to conceal and carry whenever they're in a neighborhood with the slightest, slightest possibility of a black person walking down the street.

The guy's interests amuse insofar as they're not what you expect from a Nazi. Well, the books on Hitler make sense, but "play board games"? What the fuck? Doesn't he know the Zionists created most of the world's popular board games? The Parker Bros. were the Parkersteins before they emigrated to America. I also find his choice of television shows fucking hilarious. Seinfeld, Frasier, King of Queens, First 48. Only one of those makes sense, and it's the last one. First 48 fits because the show often shows the arresting of minorities and you just know sonofdracul masturbates to the vision of black men and Hispanic men going behind bars (WHERE THEY BELONG). But the others? What the hell, man. King of Queens paints a notably shitty picture of the white race; every cracker on the show makes me want to go on a Josiah X march, especially series star Kevin James. Frasier's pseudo-erudite jokes must fly over the head of his white supremacist noggin. And Seinfeld? Come on. A Jewier show has not existed in a long time. No white nationalist who knows the ins and outs of racial hatred would ever dare watch Seinfeld, much less like it. Sonofdracul is a shitty representative of his virulently racist group if he enjoys Seinfeld unironically. Now, ironically, as in "this is what those Jew scumbags are REALLY like", that I can understand. It's a stupid viewpoint to have, but understandable for Nazis to hold.

Unfortunately, he does not offer a comments thread, so we are unable to see the opinions of his like-minded idiot friends. I suppose we're also fortunate for not being affronted more so with moronic comments about the evils of blacks and the sliminess of Jews. He does, however, have a distressing amount of subscribers to his shitty videos. 140 by my count. 1-4-0. What the fucking fuck fuck?! How are there so many White Nationalism enthusiasts on YouTube? Don't the majority of Nazis abhor the innovations of modern technology, chalking them up to disgusting Asian ingenuity? I'm aware Stormfront boasts amazing membership numbers, at least that can be explained away by it being the last, last vestige of the Neo-Nazi movement. Random guy on YouTube, I would think, would not draw such an audience. Furthermore, 140 people for a guy who doesn't make videos of his own. He just reposts racist videos cut together by others. Dammit, I expect some original racism from a guy sporting triple digits of subscribers.

Sonofdracul does not reinvent the Nazism wheel; however, he does provide some laughs as a sad, Canadian shithead whose fear of the black man rising up and stealing his land and raping his imaginary girlfriend is fucking palpable. I'd feel sorry for him were he not so pathetic and so fucking hopeless. Such as it is, he's merely worth mockery and scorn.

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