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Why I hate niggers

by Toby Keith

Reason #1.

Haiiiii! Ah'm Toby Keith, an' Ah'm back to talk to y'all about important issues relateratin' to the best part of Americca, the South. I get a lot of e-letters, or whutever you wants ter call it, about my seemin' hatred for niggers and faggots. Youse people's always askin' me, "Toby, why you hate niggers so much? What did niggers ever do to you?" Tat's a very important question werth answer spondin'. Well, today I'm goin' answer the question of why Ah hate the dark skins. So y'all don't have to letter me e-mails or whatchacallit. Maybe after readin' this you might hate niggers too. I shore hope you do, or else I'll needs to burn a cross all over yer lawn when me and the militia boys start are Bring Bakk America crusade. Nigger sympathizers are just as bad as niggers in my mind.

The blackies first came to are country in serch o' jobs they could take from us. This whole them there slavery thing is Jewish propaganda trying to make Southerners look like racist bigots. We ain't! We only let niggers work on our fields. Never 'slavery'. Back in the day it was okay for people to work for free. You don't force the Jewament to pay people for their work in homoless shelters now do ya? Thought soe. Back then, things was more were simpler. No taxes, no Jews, no nuthin'. Plantations and white peoples as far as the eye could see. But then the yard monkeys had to go and take their big pimpmobile boats off to Ahmerica and take are jobs wit' their them price of nuthin'. People lahke my ancestor, Phineus Keith, got put outta a job cause some nigger didn't no what money was. So stop wit' yer slavery crap. Never happened. The North just used it as an excuse to invade us and taik our sugar crop. Once Abe Lincoln used his Jew magic to have the North pretend to win the Cibl War, all the niggers got 'citizenship' and everyone was forced to pay them money for theys work. It ain't lahke it was good work! Niggers too busy smackin' their lips to pick cotton properly! So right off the bat niggers got on mah bad side, and on the bad side of the South (aKA REAL AMERICA!!!).

Niggers are lazy. Do you ever see a blackie REALLY doing his job? No, he always shines mah shoes or delivers mah milk all half-assed. In Ahmerica, we ain't half-assed. We is full-assed cause America is the land of the free and the home of the brave! Yeeeehaw! We didn't break away and invade Ingland because we was a bunch of lazy coward freedom haters, now did we? No, we didn't! We did it for freedom and God and Jesus and the Bible and WANTIN' ARE OUWN COUNTRY TO DO WHAT WE WANT WITHOUT THE JEWFERENCE OF THE INGLAND TAXES! But I'm goin' off topic. What wuz I talkin' bout? Oh yeah. Lazy niggers. You gonna never see yerself a nigger who does the job right or on time. In fact, THAT's why we stopped usin' 'em on plantations. Not because of some War A Northern Aggression or 'slavery', but cause they was just too damn lazy to pick are cotton and shine are shoes correcterillary. White folk are much better at it, even though they should'vnt be forced to do nigger crap like that. See, I think taht says it all. The one thing niggers is supposed to do, pick cotton and do are work, they can't even do cause they is a bunch of lazy varmints/niggers.

Niggers are also violent. If you don't believe me, which you should believe me cause Ah'm a country westirn star, just look at all the prisons across the country. What do you see in every prison? Negroes, negroes, negroes. And sometimes spics, but they's mostly too busy takin' are jobs to bee in prison. Almost no white people, except sometimes are Jewish justice system imprisonerates some kindly white man fer killin' a Jew in self defense. Nature of the beast, I spose. Stupid Gubahment. But I'm gettin' off topic. The topic is niggers an' violence. Those two things go together lahke homosexuals and child rape: very well. Their culture glorifies guns like white culture glorifies family and God and not payin' taxes. Which is to say a lot. How many rappers do you see with guns compared to country western stars? You might say there's a samiliar number, but remember two thinfs: 1) we're white, they ain't and 3) we kill niggers more often in self-defense than these here nappy haired grease monkeys do. Now althought Ah'd love to see every negro in the country shot each other to death, I draw teh line when niggers start firin' and beatin' on white folk. That's reverse-racism! I guess this means we ought to invent areselves another cotton gin and make the black man obsolete. I wonder how he'll like 'fighting whitey' when he cain't even get welfare because Eli Whitney gone and go done created a more efficient tax jewing welfare taker!

And look at their jungle music or culture or whutever you wanna call it. I know what Ah call it: CRAP! See, they call it rap, but my version has a cilent c on it! CRAP! Get it? AH CRACK MAHSELF UP, I DOES! Anyways, the best way to see the black 'race' in there natural habytat is to watch MTV and VH1. Both Jew networks, them kikes let you see unclean niggers up close and personeral. Mah favorite minstreltry is Flava Flav. He's got this show where he tries to haff sex with wimmen. Not white women, but still. If it was up to the darkies, all TV would be havin' sex and bling bling chain drug use and poveroverty! Worst of all is the crap music called rap music. GET THE JOKE AGAIN!??! It ain't real music. Just some guy talkin' to a beat. And they stole it from us too. Remember them jews the Beastie Boys? Them came up with rap hop first, then the darkies stole it from 'em and added more shuckin' jivin' minstrel nonsense. I stopped enjoyin' the minstrels since I got outta high school - three years ago. They ain't funny and Ah don't lahke givin' money to what'll pay fer nigger food lahke fried chicken n' oatmeal. Black culture promotes lawlessness, sex, drugs, and everythin' else are parents don't wont are children to hear. Very brilliant plan, niggers, to indoctorate our kids. You musta got yerself a Dr. Zaius too.

Do y'all of y'all reading this know what Africa is? If y'all don't, lemme give you a li'l history lesson on Africa. Africa is teh worst contienent ever (continint is lahke a country, only bigger. Ahmerica's a continent fer example, but Europe's a country) because there's nuthin' Africans (the scientific term for niggers) do right. Readin' the news about them is lahke readin' in issue of Vibe or whatever them call it, cause it's all violence, violence, violence and starvaarvation. Maybe if you got a JOB like everyone else you wouldn't be not eatin', darkie! The genbocide thing is even worse. In some place called Dufur or the Sudan or some shit one group of niggers is fighting another group of niggers because they don't like each other. Newsflash: both of youse groups is niggers! Ain't no difference between one nigger and nother nigger! Normally Ah'd hate Africa, but it ain't true. Ah loves me some Africa. Why? Cause it keeps niggers in theys place! The whole danged country is one big bakc of the bus! Thanx a lot, Africa, fer keeping so many dark skins out of welfare in are country. We'll help you by not givin' you no trade er resources.

Most importantly, niggers are a threat to the sanctanctity of the white women, which is mah primary concern at the moment. Well, actually the sanctity of all whitemerica is of primery concern rite now. But blackies threaten all of it. Dat's why we started the Civil War. Blacks were tryin' to take over, so we needed to take action and fight them. Most specifically fer women, black men lahke forcibly enterin' their houses and then rapin' em. Makin' 'em have pregnant with mixed race babies, the worst babies of 'em all, and the only ones for which I supported the abortion penalty. We need less mudbloods in are country, not more. Plus, Ah don't even consider full grown niggers and spics people, so fetuses definitely ain't no life. It ain't bout hatin' niggers for being niggers, not really. To be carin' bout that would be racist, like the jews are towards peoples white and better. No, it's about protection from niggers eating are children and sacrificn them to their sun god. That gun I got is fer self-defense, unless it's nigger huntin' season (July-June in Texas). Then yes, Ah do use mah gun fer shootin' niggers to put on my mantlepiece's slave table.

So I reckon this article ought to did tell you all the reasons whys I hate the jungle monkeys who call themselfs African-Americans. Listen, niggers, you ain't American, and you ain't goin' to be American no matter how many times we force you here from Afrrica! So stop tryin' and go back to whereever you is from. Now that you know how and why to hate niggers, the question is what to do about them. Well, I ain't goin' to go into much depth (my next article 'The Nigger Problem' will deal with it mores), but here's a few suggestions: support pro-America candidates, like I did for Texas governor in 2006. I voted for Kinky Friedman. Although he's a Goddern kike, he knows the score on nigrotry. Also, join a fine organization decidicated to stopping the nigger threat, like the Klu Klux Klan or the Minitemen. Finally, you awtta install wire fences round yer house or propertay or plantation. Niggers can't jump and swim. Puttin' in a moat too for the swimmin' part. If you keep em off your land, it's almost lahke they ain't around yer state eatin' bananas. Once this RACE WAR starts, we'll be set, but until then it's only babee steps.