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Jews and Niggers: The deadly alliance behind the Virginia Tech massacre

by Lorne Michaels

Haha! You think I couldn't find a way to blame the kikes, didn't you?! YOU HAVE UNDERESTIMATED THE ARYAN MIGHT OF THE LORNE

+ =

A recipe for jewsaster.

On April 16th, 2007, we had a national tragedy. The forces of the Zionist Occupied Government fired upon the true white nation once again in an effort to scare the people and keep them from rebelling against our niggerist government. This happened in the form of a school shooting in the fine white college of Virginia Tech. Many of you have been deluded into thinking it was some sort of Asian invasion on our soil. That is not the case, for it would be an insult to our whiteness if we allowed Gamera or Mothra or whomever lives in Japan right now to attack us. Instead, it is all too clear that, much like Columbine, Virginia Tech was a massacre planned by the Jews and executed by the niggers. I have substantial proof of this series of events being true and the MSM (Masonite Semite Media)'s conception of events. It's mainly the question "What, do you believe Jew sources now?".

Kikes have been behind all of the worst events of the 20th and 21st century. 9/11, World War II (known to me as the War of Polish-Judeo Aggression), Israel, the Ramstein airshow disaster, and Columbine. Yes, Columbine. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were in actuality underage MOSSAD agents (have the Israelis no care for the rights of children?) whose real names were Eric Harrisberg and Dylan Klebowitz. They sought to instigate a revolution against the remaining forces of Aryan supremacy in the country, which had already been wasting away thanks to the efforts of Israeli national Ari "Bill" Clintonstein. And I think the encroachment of the Jew media on white sources like FOX NEWS and the success of Sarah Silverman are proof enough of the wild success of their Judaist revolution on the country. To think Virginia Tech was beyond their tentacle-like reach is underestimating their capacity for evil.

Asians just don't make sense as being behind this bloody battle in the race war. For one thing, Asians' over-developed brains have the drawback of weak, physically impoverished forms (Bruce Lee was a white man wearing gookface!). It is unlikely even the strongest of their race could have the strength to pick up a gun, much less pick up the gun and fire it with enough accuracy to kill 31 people. As my people learned in the Great Patriotic War, it is a bad idea to trust on the Japanese in a fight, for they will give up after a paltry two atomic bombs and have their insurgency consist of passive-aggressive Godzilla films and pee peeing in the white man's soda. There has been no history of violence for the gook race, except sabotaging American fighter planes when they morph into their gremlin forms. This 'Cho' was obviously a patsy, a pawn in the game played by someone bigger. Bigger like...the Jews? Yes. Precisely. They most definitely have involvement in the tragedy. A tragedy I must say is portrayed in the Jew media as less tragic than the Holocaust despite the fact that the Holocaust never happened. It is a disservice to the mostly Aryan victims that their plight is seen as lesser than some science-fiction story.

But the most important piece of evidence I have found, proving the kike influence in the events of Virginia Tech, is the supposed death of supposed Holocaust survivor Liviu Librescu. This shows the Israelis meant business, as they were willing to sacrifice one of the biggest proponents of Zionism all in the name of causing discord in the United States and allow for the IDF to crack down on Asians or whatever other puppet threat they deem 'not hymie enough' in Israel. The Jews clearly did not consider this a 'light' operation. Librescu, known as a 'Holocaust' survivor, has been instrumental as a MOSSAD agent in brainwashing the Western world into thinking the Holocaust actually happened and wasn't a propaganda folk tale devised by Jews to weaken the Nazi army (which was fighting a war of DEFENSE against Poland and Russia). I'm still surprised the Jewish Sympathy Industry hasn't asked the MOSSAD to sacrifice Wiesel yet. He would have brought Virginia Tech over the top as a Jew plot. The bankers must have something else planned for this year. Maybe something to top 9/11. If you see Wiesel peddling more of his lies and Israeli rhetoric on a book tour around the United States, know it is cause for concern.

Those hands are covered in Christian blood right now.

Now that I have proven the Jews have some sort of involvement in the massacre, there's the question of the mongrel race they used to carry out their bidding, since my book Live From Ramstein shows Jews always have someone do their bidding for them because they preferring pulling strings (explaining Saudi Arabia's role in 9/11). Initial reports would state Asian involvement, but I removed that possibility earlier in the article. So who's left? The niggers. Possibly the Russians, but they're too busy drinking vodka and dying of hunger to help their Jewish Communist comrades. So that leaves the niggers, known collaborators in the Jew plots ever since the Jew Albert Einstein created them in his labs as obedient slaves to the Zionist forces all throughout the world. Why do you think Africa exists? It's a continent designed to pit niggers against each other. The most successful are plucked from their villages and enlisted in the MOSSAD's elite gorilla corps. The failed subjects are dumped into America, specifically Gorilla City (aka Detroit).

Jews couldn't have done it without niggers. Monkeys are physically fit, big and strong, with an innate high level of skill when it comes to holding and firing guns (contrary to popular JEW belief, Africans use guns, not spears) and low enough intelligence to buy into Israel's Zionism bullshit. All the Jews need to do is offer them some bling, or a banana, or a bling-encrusted banana, and it's 'monkey see, monkey do', Woody Allen edition. So I suspect the Jews paid off the niggers and got them to kill some white people at Virginia Tech and then pin it on the Asian man. I'm surprised the apes pulled it off so well; I would have expected them to leave behind clues, like a banana peel or a Kanye West CD. The Virginian government probably allowed the MOSSAD to canvas (i.e. cover up) the crime scene. Because as you all know, our American government is secretly controlled by the Israel lobby. Paul Wolfowitz runs it all through his satellite in the center of the Earth. The other 'good' thing about employing niggers for jobs is the nigs can't give away their involvement to anyone, even if interrogated, because they speak a mixture of grunts and hip hop slang. No one can decipher that except other monkeys, none of whom are qualified enough to work at police departments (the 'Affirmative Action' ones are cardboard cut-outs made to create the impression that Donkey Kong too can someday grow up to be a cop).

As for the motive behind Virginia Tech: the Jews wanted Virginia Tech to happen so they could flaunt their power over the white race. They're basically saying, thanks to our inability to fight back and carry concealed weapons/Zyklon-B, we are defenseless against their Jewish mysticism and their employment of wild beasts, e.g. niggers. They know our race is too kind and courteous and civil to respond in violence or any other Jew-derived method (revolution, communism, petition writing, Anti-Defamation Leaguing). But I say we must respond in kind by targeting THEIR institutions, such as banks and television stations, with violence. Our people has been oppressed for too long. It is time to go Kristallnacht on them once again and show them why the white race is superior. Put on your stomping boots, Freikorps elite! Watch out for Israeli vampirism!