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Barack Obama: America's Favorite Nigger

by Josiah X

"Shine yah shoes, Mistuh Democratic Party?"

The audacity of being a motherfucking sellout.

So it looks like Will Smith has been supplanted by Barack Obama as the best house nigger in the country. I know a lot of ignorant ass niggers been sayin' to me, "Josiah X, Josiah X, looks like a black man might become president. Doesn't that make you happy?" Fuck no! I ain't happy 'bout this bullshit. This just means I'm gonna have to work even harder to undermine Whitey and the house niggas who think white government's gonna be good as long as a brother's up there navigating it. Let me lay this all out for you: Barack Obama is. A. MOTHERFUCKIN. HOUSE. NIGGA. If he wasn't, do you think Whitey would allow him to become a presidential candidate who's not assassinated a week after saying he intended to run? No. Course fuckin' not. Thus, you can't trust what this Jew puppet spits in terms of rhetoric or message. He's telling you what the White Man wants you hear.

Let's first start by taking a look at his skin color. It's purely Will Smith-like, which again explains why people like him so much. He reminds them of king cracker wanna Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I said it before and I say it again: White Man only has the ability to make one colored man an icon in America. Hence why Obama is accepted: he looks so much like Will Smith, with his alien-like features, huge ears and love of smiling that cracker folks all over the country vote for Obama thinking he's the motherfucker from Men in Black. Fucking white people can only take so many black people at a time. If Obama looked like Mumia, there's no fucking way this cracker in color would get no fucking primary support. His mixed-race heritage is the only way he's gotten this far. America wouldn't vote for a nigga if he didn't have some cracker in him. "Oh Earl, we should vote for this Barack fellow! I loved how he doesn't curse on his rap hop albums!" "Yes, Mavis, that's a wonderful idea. But first, let's run over some black children with our humvee!"

If you can even stomach to read Cracka Obama's platform, you'll see this motherfucker don't believe in any blacks. He only interested in supporting who the Occupation Government's been helping all this time: crackers. Notice he always coats his alleviating poverty bullshit in rhetoric that benefits THE WHITE MAN. Like, he's always spittin' game about the middle class and how bitch is an average American just like you or me. That's the problem - average Americans are motherfucking ghostface racist motherfuckers. I don't wanna help those assholes. Obama doesn't plan to unite America into some Panafrican alliance either. He wants shit to just keep goin' the way it's goin', with all the injustice and impropriety that entails. The only difference between Obama and Bush is Obama know how to fuckin' string a sentence together since America prefers their monkeys to be 'articulate' and properly white sounding. I actually prefer Bush to Obama because at least you know Bush got his ass stupid through lots of coke. Why the fuck's Obama such an idiot? Did he smoke too much white people drug too?

It seems that way according to his autobiography. But he don't do it anymore, cause black man tryin' to be a white man can't smoke shit if he wants to serve White Law. He gotta toe the line of Whitey for him to become a prominent politician. Hence why all you hear outta Obama these days is how motherfuckin' pale he is. I thinkin' he's even wearin' makeup to make himself lighter than usual for the racist Jew cameras. An example of Obama whitin' it up is his treatment of Jeremiah Wright. Wright's a solid motherfucker. Though he preaches for the Blue Eyed Devils (Christianity), he knows how to hate Whitey. He says somethin' bout how America brought 9/11 upon itself by doin' the shit it did and here's how Monkeyshines responds to Wright's words:

"Let me say at the outset that I vehemently disagree and strongly condemn the statements that have been the subject of this controversy. I categorically denounce any statement that disparages our great country or serves to divide us from our allies. ...
Let me repeat what I've said earlier. All of the statements that have been the subject of controversy are ones that I vehemently condemn. They in no way reflect my attitudes and directly contradict my profound love for this country.
...while Rev. Wright's statements have pained and angered me, I believe that Americans will judge me not on the basis of what someone else said, but on the basis of who I am and what I believe in; on my values, judgment and experience to be President of the United States."

Look at that. Look at that BULLSHIT, MAN. And it is total bullshit and you motherfucking know it. Here he's basically sayin' "I'm a bitch, I'm a bitch, I don't agree with no radical sentiments based in reality, I'm just a frightened little sambo who don't wanna not please massah. Please don't hit me or not vote for me, I work real real hard shining the shoes of political campaign donators. Ah love myself some Uwhited States country! I love it more than fried chicken and watermelon combined! I shuck an' jive in apology if you want me to!" What a motherfucking coward. You want this kinda coward as your president? He won't stand up to nothing. Which in some respects is good for me since I'll be able to take office by puttin' pretend nigga in a headlock. But he still pisses me off. PISSES. ME. OFF. Fuckin' cracker lovin' motherfucker...

How America sees a black man: a bucktoothed clown.

You also need to notice how Obama continually dispels ideas you or I would see as good - such as the faith of the Nation of Islam or the roots as a black revolutionary. There's even a motherfucking section on his webpage about his religion and about how he is most definitely not a Muslim in any way. See, further proof he's not really black. A real black man follows Allah, not some Jesus Christ bullshit Whitey fed us when we got enslaved. But Obama doesn't follow Allah. He don't support it. He thinks it analogous to being some raghead motherfucker. That's why he supports Jesus Christianity, the religion of THE OPPRESSORS WHO ENSLAVED US AND BROUGHT US TO THE CRACKERLAND. So that's why you don't see anyone like Farrakhan helping out in his campaign, because Black Boy Who Wants To Be White Boy can't handle true black values like killing Whitey and killing people who support Whitey (like Jewey). He's a fucking pussy. A pussy can't be President if black people truly want to be freed by the usurping of the white power structure. But he's perfect for the crackers in Whitemerica who want to see the world stay as chalk as it has been.

There isn't one fucking reason you or I should vote for the cracker. However, he gives lots of reasons for racists and idiots to vote for Obama. Racists want to see a shitty "black" man win so he can fucking fail and they can point to his below-average shucking and incompetent jiving as proof that they should never elect another black president again. Also, white people wanna see a black man elected so they can assassinate him and show black man his place in the Uwhited States. That's gonna happen. He's going to get shot by some racist cracker, just like MLK and Malcolm X and Scatman and DJ Subroc were. Then some bitch vice president, prolly Hillary KKKlinton, takes over and makes the country even fuckin' whiter. Those are why the Democrackers are supporting his bid to run for the nomination. Also, white people love the idea of having a Commander-in-Chief who has to shine their shoes if they so ask that. Man, you don't believe me? I predict during an inauguration, Obama'll be doing his speech when some press motherfucker'll pipe up "uh, there's a scuff on my shoe". Obama will stop, jump into the crowd and start shinin', shinin', shinin'. He's a fucking submissive motherfucker, thus the only way for a black man to be recognized as a head of state in Crackermerica.

What's most disgusting is some crackas actually think Obama is too black. Now, that in and of itself ain't unexpected; crackers hate someone even slightly darker than 'pasty cracker white'. However, where this draws my rage is that they think he's an African or Muslim spy. Bitch, don't you think he'd be less of a cracker if he was really a black revolutionary? I read The Crackerdacity of Hope, I know he don't subscribe to any Panafrican nation or overthrowing White Law and beheading all those faggot motherfuckers. There isn't an indication whatsoever that he holds any fucking anti-Whitey beliefs. Why the fuck would Whitey create a sleeper cell agent for another country, you stupid motherfuckers? Obama's white through and through. Get it through your white skulls, you fucking honkeys. All you racist assholes oughta vote for him cause he's just gonna enact all the white bullshit you want anyway. Don't fret he eats too much fried chicken or some idiocy you Klansmen think black people do.

Obama fucking wants to become a white man. That's his wish. I bet he figures his status as president can mean he'll have the technology at his disposal to lighten his already light skin into Michael Jackson alien man territory. He'll be the first black president and yet also still a cracker president. Don't you people fuckin' understand that? Black and white, you mothafuckas oughta realize. He ain't no progressive (progressive being defined as progressing the world from white hegemony to all-black utopia), he ain't no black revolutionary, he ain't no fuckin' change from George W. Blackface or Bill Clintonstein or any of the other black man killing crackers who've occupied the office of the president. A President Obama means nothing more than a black killer with slightly darker skin. Color ME not impressed. In fact, color me wanting to fuckin' knife the cracker-in-disguise and all a his pathetic supporters.

And that finally is why I cannot recommend any of you REAL black people vote for him. Voting for him is just like voting for Hillary Kleinton or John McCain. Fuck Obama and the White Occupation Force pony he rode in on. I advise you to instead support a REAL black candidate like Farrakhan, Mumia Abu Jamal or Michael McGee. Although all of them have their flaws, they're at least actually black, unlike motherfucking Mr. Audacity of Bein' a Gremlin.