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An Inconvenient Truth Review

by Bill O'Reilly

More and more Hollywood has pandered to the very leftists that run the entertainment industry the town profits from. Far-left hate films like Fahrenheit 9/11, V for Vendetta, Brokeback Mountain and Madagascar are all the rage now and the far-left elitist gay Jews show no signs of stopping their hateful unpatriotic rhetoric. The latest from the Hollywood hate-factory is the new Al Gore spawn documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. As if Al Gore didn't corrupt enough children's minds with his Vice Presidency and his corrupt regime with Bill Clinton The Terrible. Now he wants to fill everyone's heads with lies about 'global warming' and how we're at fault for using fossil fuels. Careful, you're about to enter the no-spin review zone.

Before I start delving into the content of An Inconvenient Truth, let me first delve into my beliefs regarding global warming. I believe in global warming, I do. But Gore cannot take the cavalier attitude that global warming 'harms' the world. In fact, though I believe it exists, I welcome global warming. In my childhood in Levittown, Long Island, too often in the winter I couldn't go outside due to how cold it was, and then even in the spring and fall it was too cold to go outside. With global warming in full force, finally us in the North will receive the nice, pleasant weather cities in the South like San Diego are accustomed to. However, Al Gore, elitist that he is, doesn't want to be like the South, instead wishing the North remains cold and distant like him and all his elitist media buddies. Nobody wants cold weather, just like nobody wants there to not be a Christmas. But as with the Grinch and the Secularists who stole Christmas, Al Gore wants to steal summer away from us and force us to spend our days in an uninhabitable ice world. A world resembling Al Gore's emotions.

Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth makes many points about global warming and how it affects us. First he contends humanity is to blame for global warming with our man-made resources. Pure Anti-American propaganda by lover of Saddam Hussein Al Gore. America's not the sole cause of everything horrible about the world, Al. I bet Al-Qaeda drives more SUVs than soccer moms do. It uses 'conclusive proof' of global warming's existence 'accepted by scientists'. But many scientists don't believe in global warming, like the fine folks over at the Christian Science Institute. The documentary also calls for stopping the usage of important elements of our daily lives like carbon dioxide and oil. How are we supposed to stop using carbon dioxide when we breathe it out after we breathe in oxygen? A folly to be sure, as I've never heard someone complain about there being too much carbon dioxide around them. And if I did they'd be liberal hypocrites anyway.

Why should Americans even care about global warming? It isn't important. Sure, Al Gore says it's important, but it's really not. No one cares about some country up north [hopefully Canada] flooding due to melting of the ice caps. That'll show those Canadian socialists what happens when they don't support the Iraq War. Especially not compared to real, divisive political issues like illegal immigration, gay marriage, and The New York Times and their continued support of Al-Qaeda. Oh, and the War on Christmas. Can't forget that. Gore sensationalizes global warming to make it a real threat but people just don't worry about how hot it is, Al. Ever hear of sunblock and air conditioning? We should really focus on those rat-like, disgusting illegal immigrants infecting our way of life with their 'Spanish' and 'job-taking' instead of silly threats like hurricanes and melting ice caps. Since when did a hurricane cause any damage to anything?

It's clear why Al Gore put together this 'documentary': to destroy the Bush presidency with his 'bad vibes'. Though I'm told by the leftist media extremists Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper that An Inconvenient Truth carries no political preference, but I consider that left-wing spin, and I don't tolerate spin. This is a No-Spin Zone, okay? The far-leftists don't like oil taking precedence over human life, so they make a documentary about how if we continue to use as much oil as we do, our world will be in chaos. Oh, so they care about the world being in chaos but not Iraq, they want us to leave Iraq. Typical liberal hypocrites undermining the troops in Iraq. Oil being bad and the environment not being something to pave over in favor of a Wal-Mart is a pure far-left talking point. Maybe if Gore hid his pettiness over losing the election to our President the documentary wouldn't ring so leftist and communist.

An Inconvenient Truth should be banned from all theatres because Al Gore and his movie are hurting the American economy. Many people who see the movie find themselves depressed afterward due to the depressing image painted of our future in it. Depressed people spend less money and if enough people see it, the economy will collapse. It's only right Al Gore's dangerous liberal propaganda movie be banned. I wouldn't be depressed after seeing it if I watched it, but that's because I won't fall for Al Gore's scare tactics of "Global warming shows we need to do something sooner rather than later" and "scientists support it". You know what? Scientists are far-left secularists who care more about the environment and technology than they do Jessica Lunsford and the ever looming war on Christmas. I don't trust them, at least not as much as I trust Middle America. The working class folks, the soccer moms, they have heart; unlike the cold 'logical' scientists and their puppet Al Gore. But I fear the folks might misconstrue An Inconvenient Truth and get all worked up about it, and that could singlehandedly take us back to the recession Comrade Bill caused and President Bush took us out of.

In the end, Al Gore uses desperate, despicable tactics such as alarmism to promote his pet issue of global warming. I was never a big fan of Al Gore, but even I'm shocked at his sudden lack of any integrity [perhaps the infliuence of his far-left hippie friend Comrade Bill Clinton?]. Alarmism shouldn't be used; it's a transparent and pretty pathetic tactic designed to bleed money from people. By the way, all you Factor viewers can visit the Factor Store and pick up our newest products, including "The War on Christmas" T-shirts, mugs and mousepads; "The War on Columbus Day" cigars and mousepads; and, of course, back by popular demand, "The War on Arbor Day" potted plants. Only you Factor viewers can press the secular leftists into recognizing these sacred American holidays once more. And kids, if you don't have any money to buy fabulous Factor gear, beg your parents for the new Bill O'Reilly throw rug! It's throw-a-riffic!